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Layered Luna Wall Hanging - Two Layers

Layered Luna Wall Hanging - Two Layers

The same as my original Luna wall hanging but this time with two layers! Each in a different colour of your choosing.


Available hung from either natural driftwood or wooden dowel. 


*Note when ordering, the repeating coloured lines in the semi circle pattern will go in order of the colours you select.


Colour 1: The smallest semi circle line in the centre of the hangling (longest, furthest back fringe)

Colour 2: Second/final line, and colour the hanging will finish on (front fringe colour).


Measurements are 40cm width, 70cm length. All measurements are approximate.


I try to be as accurate as possible with my measurements but please do let me know if your space is limited or you need a set size.


All my cords are 100% recycled cotton from a UK supplier. Colours may vary slightly from each batch of cord. We hand collect or source all wood local to us in the North East and will vary.

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