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Macrame Mushroom Necklace

Macrame Mushroom Necklace

Ahhhh it's here! Our first official piece of macrame jewellery!

The mini-est mushy you ever did see. Our macrame mushroom necklace has arrived, and we are sooo excited!

These pretty fully hand knotted necklaces are so easy to wear.

We have thinly braided black waxed cotton cord for the actual necklace, and the little mushroom is knotted with cotton string.

All you need to do is just gently pull larger to pop over your head. Then, you can adjust the tightness to your desired length.

At its smallest, they measure 60cm

At the largest, they measure 80cm

Mushrooms are approximately 2.5cm long x 1cm wide

Each mushroom will have classic white spots and a natural stalk unless specified otherwise. At the moment, we only have a few mushroom cap colours available until sourced/requested, but we would be happy to discuss options!

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