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Get to Know Us

Here we want to share a bit with you all.
The who's, the what's and the why's.


Ashley - Owner & Creator

Hi, hello! I'm Ashley and Nomad Macrame is my child, and my passion. I started this business in April 2019 after teaching myself macrame the previous year. 

What began as a hobby, quickly turned my life into something new and encouraged me slowly back into the world.

I have had several battles with my health over the years, the worst being Guillain Barre Syndrome. I was diagnosed with GBS in 2014 and this was the start of my disability. I was temporarily paralysed with this nervous system condition, in hospital for months, and almost lost my ability to even communicate with my family.

Recovering from this condition has been the hardest, longest road, it completely changed my world, and the projection of my life. It's lead to more struggles with chronic illness, pain and fatigue. However, I would not change it because of where I've ended up.

My life is now in a place of happiness, freedom, exploration and the enjoyment of having this craft as my work, sharing my art with you all. Knotting is my love, like therapy for me, my stresses melt away and thoughts just drift off. I hope I can continue this journey for many, many years!

When I'm not knotting, you'll find me out in nature, walking, Tentboxing, and looking for my next bit of inspiration. I love to spend time with Tegan, my dogs, drink copious amounts of tea and read anything and everything. Travel is in my DNA and when I can't get out there, I'm lost. Typical Sagittarius. I also love to learn! If I can pick up a new skill or hobby, I will try. 

I'm honestly an open book and I like to share what I can over on the Nomad Instagram. If you'd like to know more about me or  what we're up to, that's the place to look. 



Tegan - Creative & Partner

Hello, Tegan here! I've known Ashley for many many years, but time and distance came between us. It was in fact Nomad Macrame that brought us back in touch with each other, and for that I am truly grateful.

I began learning macrame in 2020 when Ashley taught me how to make my very own keychain. I began gradually picking bits up here and there, before the serious knotting and discussions began.

Its been a couple of years now learning the wonderful craft of Macrame, and the journey has been the most fun! Being taught by Ashley is both wholesome, and at times hilarious. We have the best times either in the studio or out at events, networking and chatting to people. Especially after those years we all spent stuck inside!

I'm now a master at plant hangers, wristlets and a few other bits and bobs you will have seen online. I still get shocked when we are at a market and Ashley says "That piece we just sold was one you made, well done!". A truly crazy, happy feeling!

In the past I've worked within hospitality, in care work throughout the pandemic, and for the last few years I was working in a residential care home. Until we had a hundred or more chats about getting serious with the business, taking it to the next level, and me leaving my job to join Ashley in the business. So this summer, I did exactly that! 

So this is my formal hello to you all. Hopefully you'll see some of my knotting soon, whether in your orders, at a market or on Ashley's perfectly curated Instagram, ha, soon!

A little bit more about me would be, I'm a sucker for crisps of all varieties, I love to watch or listen to anything true crime related, Bailey Sarian is my fave. I also love to be outside, and be adventuring somewhere or another. I love to read a good Steven King book and play spooky or survival games on the PlayStation with Ashley.  

To wrap up, I'd like to say I think meeting Ashley changed mine, and our lives, and now we're partners in business, life and crime.



The Business

A bit about Nomad Macrame now. 

When we were asked to provide an artistic statement recently, this is what I wrote

"Nomad Macrame is a North East business that strives to create bespoke, original fibre art pieces for the home and person. With a focus on sustainability, the materials used are all recycled, repurposed and sourced within UK. Always inspired by nature, the desire with Nomad Macrame is to bring agrestic charm to all works whilst being boho, individual and hand knotted with delicate precision."

I feel like this sums up what we do here, simply and effectively, while showing our core beliefs for the business.

From the start I've taken you all along with me on this journey, and I couldn't have gotten this far without you. You've all been there for the milestones, and the highs, like getting chosen to be with different retailers, or taking my art to festivals and events, getting to meet some of you in person! But you've also been there when I've had to take some time away, for bereavement or when I had my wrist operation. You all really are the best gang a gal could ask for. 

And if you're new here, thank you for looking, reading, and I hope you join us on the journey.

While you all continue to support me and this business I, and we, will continue to make unique macrame pieces for you and your homes. 
Whether you want the smallest feather or a huge custom piece for that space you'd like to fill, Nomad Macrame is the place for you. There are over thirty colours to choose from, and if you can't quite see what you're looking for, I will definitely try and help.

Before I go, about the name! It has always been my dream to travel more, and I've long wished to do this in a van, Tegan too. So positive manifestation and pre planning ahead, I chose the name Nomad Macrame. We're currently saving and searching for the perfect vehicle and hopefully this dream of ours will be becoming a reality soon!


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